Your move can be organized quickly and efficiently, as long as it is properly prepared.

The date of your move - with our company, you can choose the date of your move. If you have only a few pieces of furniture, or a small move to organize, you can order your move on a given day without an earlier notice. If you have a full apartment to move, we recommend you order the move a couple of days in advance.

The boxes and strong plastic bags to pack your belongings can be bought in any builder's supply store or ordered on the internet. Our drivers always have 2 or 3 empty boxes in the car for any last-minute needs, but if you need a larger amount of boxes, you should order them with us ahead of time (the earlier delivery of the boxes costs extra).

The size of the car has to be adjusted to the number and size of the things we need to move. The furniture from one room will usually fit into the smallest van (bagażówka - 12m3). An apartment with 2-3 rooms or an office up to 50m2 will be usually moved in a middle-size van (kontener - 20m3). Larger apartments or offices will require our largest moving van (meblowóz - 36m3).

Carrying workerswith typical furniture and in the buildings with elevators, usually two workers will be sufficient to do your move. If you have any large-size furniture (large wardrobes, antique furniture, safes, pianos, glass cabinets, large aquariums or anything weighing over 100kg), you will need three or four workers to carry the furniture. Also in case of buildings with high floors, where there is no elevator, we will propose a bigger carrying team.

Large-size waste disposal – often when we are moving, we need to throw away some old furniture or household appliances.
Our company can transport those to the nearest utilization point for you, or if your building manager agrees - leave it in front of the building for the waste disposal company to pick up.

Insurance – we always do our best to provide a safe move and cause no damages. In case of any damages, however, it is the moving team leader who is providing the service, who is resposible for the moved items and who has liability insurance to cover any possible damages.

Payment – the payment is done immediately after the end of service to the team leader, in cash. He will issue an invoice for you. The team leader also addresses any complaints about the service or possible damages.